2 Strategies in Making Videos for your Company
  1. Free Youtube channel
  2. Paid Advertising

Video is huge right now. It is dominating the world of marketing, and if you aren’t using video, you’ll almost certainly lose out to your competitors.

Free videos are better if you are just starting out on your business or your business is smaller to medium size because paid advertising is not viable for many businesses. Because really local business it’s a little more difficult to see huge return instantly. So you got to be careful with that. First of all it’s very practical you can embedded Youtube video on their homepage.

It’s rank well in SEO.

customer uses both YouTube’s and Google’s own search engine to find content they’re looking for.

If you could craft 3 – 4 videos. When people go to your Youtube channel it can actually be a sales funnel that can actually bring more customer.

When you are thinking about strategy, you want to create 2 type of videos

  1. A Viral potential video –

When create to video to make it goes viral doesn’t necessary have to try to sell people into anything. you need to try to make a video  controversial/action or a very emotional appealing story. the benefits of creating a viral video is that

  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money in advertising,
  • people will share your videos. is/ the things that goes viral is that bring up a lot of emotion. Your video either can make people:
    • Laugh really hard,
    • Cry really hard,
    • Injustice
    • Unsuspected.
  1. A Content type video (Brand Story)

If you only have 1 video to make it can be a little more Salesy, the content of the video can be about:

  • What is you Company about and what are you offering
  • Why should the consumer pick you instead of others
  • What can the customer expect after getting a free consulting with you
  • Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
  • How are you going to increase customer for your client