Universal principle that works on all product and pages


1. Headline (5-12 keywords you want to make it simple but not simpler as it should be)

When a visitor come to a page or sees a product for a 1st time. the 1st time when somebody sees a page, they need to understand why they should bother to read that page or to do anything with that page. so you need to articulate that why the user should bother understanding what is going on with that page. The purpose of the headline ” why the user bother understand what is going on on that page. (the Main Benefits to the End Users) (Visitor centric ) (the 1st thing the user should see) (as specific and clear to the end users as possible)

The 2 benefits that work well the most in my experience is cheaper and faster (cost centric or time centric ( the more you can be specific with this the better)


A/B Split Testing

2. A/B Testing or Split Testing –

Sometime if you create a few landing page but do not know which to use, so the best way is to compare them side by side. See how the customer react to them and use the data to make decision instead of sitting in the room and trying to make a decision


3. Don’t force Visitors to make decision (funnel design/ layout design)

You don’t want your visitors to make decision unless it is absolutely necessary. When somebody visit your websites or a page and if you giving the visitor too many choice that will create decision fatigue because it is work for the visitor. you don’t want your visitor to work unless it is absolutely necessary. Avoid any fork in your design. Avoid them as much as you can.

Tunnel design.

The whole purpose of the page is for your visitor to take 1 action

People assume when the visitor bounce of their website is because people doesn’t like their product or the idea. but that can be further from the truth. In majority of your bounce is not that don’t like it but is because it is too much work to understand what is going on on that page and the customer will just procrastinate.

2 things you want to think of if you are creating a page

  • You want to make your page simple, not a lot of work, easy, straight forward.
  • You want to reduce procrastination
Bonus tip
  • Always have Bonus