Video Advertising (the structure)


– 72% of people would prefer to learn about your product from a video
– 40% of internet users take some kind of action after watching a video ad
– 80% of marketers are satisfied with the return on investment that get from video ads

– Researching
– Developing
– Writing
– Creating a video script that gets sales

Simplicity & Clarity (1st step in branding your business)

The confused customer never buys – in order not not confused your customer, you can build a sales structure


1. HOOK –

Grab their attention (why should people watch/attention your ad) 3-5sec. People are very busy these days, if you could not convey your message or could not tell people why they need to buy your product within a short time you will lose them.

2. Problem & Solution – Help them feel the pain

this is the part where you show your customer the problem that they are having in their life. The only way for a customer to do business with you is when you are able to solve their problem. if you expect a stranger on the internet to take out their hard earn money and buy your product out of kindness you might need to wait for a long time.

This is the part where you can explain why the consumer need your product.

3. Call to Action – Ask them to buy

after telling the customer that you are able to solve their problem, you need to tell the customer what they should do next which is to buy your product and service.

4. Doubts & Credibility – resolve doubts and establish credibility

Take the time to explain who you are, where are you from, why they should choose you . there are many kind of buyer in the market some people buy after the first ads or just reading the headline they see some buy after seeing you for more than 7 times and after knowing more about your product and about your company. if you don’t take the time to explain who you are you will lose a lot of potential customer.

5. Call to action 2 – Reminder to buy & conclude your ad and give time to click

Don’t expect the customer to scroll up again. put a 2nd CTA button so that they are able to take action immediately