What are the principle to makes your marketing campaign goes viral.
1. Using Social Media to find your fans/ target audience

there is a Chinese proverb saying ‘ the man who try to catch 2 rabbit at the same time catches none”

If you try to create an marketing campaign to please everyone you will please no one.

the best way for people to listen to your message is joining the story that is already in their head.

2. Emotion

Unless you are selling to Robots and not human beings than you need to start makings videos that hit peoples emotion. Story is the best way to hit people emotion. start watching your videos and see does it create any emotion

  • Excitement
  • Adoration
  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Sympathy
3. Utilize star power to broaden the reach

Celebrity are known as people who have authority.

Nike is a company that struggle for 10 years in making payrolls. their big breakthrough is after Nike signed Michael Jordan, Nike’s shoes did not magically become better after signing Michael Jordan. Large corporation knows this that is the reason why they keep signing celebrities. Create a Brand that associate with the celebrity.