The 1st stages/steps in Email Marketing

1. Are You collecting them/ and are you getting the right permission to actually send the email

Opt-in Page, somewhere in the main part of the website very prominently the needs to be, enter your email address

Tip: you can’t just say enter email address for no reason, you usually need to give them something.

2. When you send the email does it reach to the recipient or it goes to spam

Most email in the world doesn’t reach the inbox. The best way to think about this is every time you send an email you are putting your reputation on the line. And a lot of things go into whether or not in the future you’re able to continue sending email. It’s not guaranteed that your email are gonna be delivered


  • Do people mark your email as spam
  • The service providers look at the percentage open rate of the emails
  • Sending an engaging and relevant emails to customers is not just so that they open it more often. It’s also so that to improve your deliverability. (Ratio) meaning the service provider will look at how many percent of people actually open your email.
  • Be careful of big extravagant claims (they have a whole library of phrases that they keep their eye out on and are more likely to mark as spam)
3. Does the person who receive the email do they open it

How can you improve the open rate:

  • Subject line (it has to be intriguing 5-10 words) shorter than that it will be too trivial “i got to see more” ( You want to be intriguing but you don’t want to underdeliver)
  • From address (a person name is better than a company and it is better if you are able to build authority)

The first few sentence of the email shows preview, if you write good afternoon you just wasted the most important real estate of the email. First few words of the body

4. Email Engagement

If they open to the email and read the message (the click)

you can’t just have your body of the email just ask for something. You always want to give something and then ask for something. Always build give and take relationship with everybody. If you are a doctor or a restaurant, you can start by giving a tip “improve your skin” ” this week tips”/ you can also have email giving for a few days and then you ask something. you can ask a few time.

so if the reader spend a few minute reading it, it already add value then you can say “by the way if you are interested in my service you can click the link”