If you even wonder what is your next step after creating an Instagram for your business. Here are some tip might be able to help, for Small to Medium size local businesses you do not have to have over thousand of post but should have a goal is to grow your followers to 10,000.

Instagram can showcase that your business could be trusted, following, and the highlights of your business story.

1. How frequently to post on Instagram

To make your Instagram to be an active social media. You want to focus on creating 1 good post a day.

2. What time you should post on Instagram

You want to post between 9am to 9pm. Ideally you really want to post at 9am to 5pm because that is the core time when your businesses are open. and that is the core time that your customer are awake and looking at their phone. Avoid posting at 11.20pm unless you are in the nigh business, because well most people will be sleeping. You really want 5pm to be your cut off time.

3. Content to post
  • Outside the venue
  • Inside the venue
  • All the cool features within the location
  • Take cool imagery with the multiple staff member
  • Place looking busy
  • Staff is busy doing something active
4. Using hashtags to your advantage on Instagram
  • Searching hashtag of their competitor, industry, local events, and really finding out everything within your industry about that subject
  • Look for the hashtag with the highest engagement
  • Stick with good content, good photos and videos of the brand/company and then mix in funny things.


5. Finding potential new customer for your business

People will tag their friend who are potential customer, you will need to throw a lot of spaghetti up against the wall and see what sticks. Get the staff member to post once a month, normally the staff member would have a small following but they are good base.

you can also go to shops around the area and then go like and comment on people that are following those pages

e.g If you own a restaurant at a local mall, go look at the non-chain stores like a local clothing store. Look at the people following that one because you know those people live in that area. Go to those followers like and comment on one of their pictures. What happen is, if a local restaurant goes and comment on other people that live in the areas account, most people on average of 300 followers and they are gonna clearly see it. They are going to see you a restaurant owner like and comment on their page and organically, they just want to go look or see how did this person end up on my page. when you do this, you are increasing true and organic. after reaching 1k follower you can stat doing things like ask your follower to tag 3 friends that can relate to the post.


doing free contest after reaching 3000 followers